Behind SOUTH WEST Spring Summer '24

Behind SOUTH WEST Spring Summer '24

As the warm breeze dances through the filao trees and the waves gently kiss the shores, ALICIA SWIM reveals its latest collection of luxury sustainable swimwear for Summer '24, inspired by the raw beauty and local charm of Mauritius. In this journal entry, we delve into the story of the new sustainable swimwear collection, which not only celebrates the beautiful landscapes of the island but also pays homage to its cultural heritage.


Founder Alicia Rountree Zannier's deep connection to her home island is visible in every aspect of this designer swimwear collection. From the tranquil fisherman villages to the wild, pristine beaches along the western coast, the campaign captures the essence of Mauritius in its purest form.


Set against the backdrop of the iconic sailboat 'Marline,' once owned by Christina Onassis, the visuals take us on a sentimental journey through time, blending vintage style with contemporary elegance, encapsulated in the edit of environmentally friendly swimwear pieces.

Model Shawna, a native of Île Maurice herself, serves as the perfect embodiment of Summer '24 collection, bringing together Mauritian authenticity and international chic. 


« At the heart of the collection lies a celebration of the modern woman – strong, confident, and radiant in her energy. With designs that focus on fit and form, this new collection is about empowering women to embrace their true selves and let out their bond girl energy. » says brand’s Founder, Alicia Rountree Zannier.





The SOUTH WEST collection channels the natural beauty of Mauritius, with soft and pure colors that reflect the island's landscapes. From the fiery FLAME WAVES print, inspired by the motion of the waves, with the deep RUBY color echoing the vivid sunsets of the West coast, to the lush JUNGLE CORAL design with the captivating SAGE color and gentle SAND as a background, each piece tells a story of the island's vibrant spirit. 


The hero bandeau bikini top style, Kate Coco, embodies the essence of effortless elegance, while the light cotton kimonos and oversized shirt in pale SKY blue bring a contemporary twist to the new sustainable resortwear collection by ALICIA SWIM.


Whether lounging by the sea or exploring the city streets, these pieces are designed to evoke a sense of freedom and empowerment.


As with the previous collections, Summer '24 upholds ALICIA SWIM's commitment to responsible swimwear production and local Mauritian craftsmanship. From the design process to manufacturing, sustainability is at the forefront of everything the brand does, ensuring that each piece is ethically made. Driven by a Mix-and-Match approach, the collection caters to every individual while staying true to its roots.


«ALICIA SWIM's Summer '24 collection is more than just a line of swimwear – it's a love letter to Mauritius, celebrating its beauty, culture, and spirit. With each piece crafted with care and passion, it invites women to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.» 


Let ALICIA SWIM be your companion, embodying the essence of Mauritian elegance wherever you go.


Alicia x
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