"Simple, well-tailored swimsuits crafted from high-performance, sustainable Italian fabric are the core of my line."

As a child, I would wake up before everyone else to jump in the ocean and water ski before school—then rush home for an afternoon swim before homework! I am passionate about swimwear, because I literally grew up in a swimsuit, and believe it should be flattering, elegant, and fun.I left Mauritius as a young adult to study and then launch my career as a model. My experience in the fashion industry was where I first had the idea to create my own swimwear. As a model, I tried on thousands of different swimsuits and noted what cuts were the most comfortable and flattering as well as learned what tiny details make the difference between a suit that looks good and a suit that looks good and feels good.

My interest in lifestyle and wellness—also drawn from a childhood spent close to family, surrounded by natural beauty—led me to opening restaurants and studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. But I have always felt a strong connection with my homeland, and a desire to share the spectacular beauty and special character of Mauritius with the world. I’ve never been happy doing just one thing, so perhaps it’s not surprising that when I decided to turn my passion for swimwear into a brand, I took on the roles of founder, designer, fit model, and spokesperson! It was also important to me that the brand’s home and place of manufacture be Mauritius, my special birthplace. All of the prints, designed by me from watercolor sketches, are inspired by elements of the Mauritian landscape.