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Alicia welcomes you to her exclusive Wellness Series, inspired by her personal health journey which roots back to her holistic upbringing in Mauritius. Alicia graduated as a certified health coach at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

Alicia follows a natural, non forced exercise regime to stay in optimal shape, alongside a balanced plant based diet.

Keeping in mind that balance is crucial, Alicia considers wellness as a whole, there are weeks where she exercises less than usual during busy periods and listens to her bodies needs. In general Alicia follows the 80% "healthy" and 20% "indulge" approach.

"Aside from following a balanced plant based diet, exercise is crucial to stay in shape physically but also mentally!"

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As you might know, Alicia had the pleasure to grow up in picturesque Mauritius. Spending time outdoors was a daily habit, she enjoyed paddle boarding, swimming and long beach walks and loved being able to stay active in such an organic way.

Later on during her model career in New York, Alicia discovered Yoga and Pilates which played a role in staying grounded on a daily basis, while increasing posture and flexibility.

During the pandemic, Alicia has spent most of her time in London working from home. Besides Yoga and Meditation, she enjoys at least 3x per a week a Pilates or P.volve online session to maintain her figure. While not being a fan of running, Alicia will practise an outdoor activity like Tennis or a dog walk in the park.

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